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too much and too little

September 28, 2016

i wonder what’s actually left. i often have this feeling that something important is missing. like i’m trying too hard and it’s all just a stunt. i hate doubting myself and this is exactly where it’s leading me. something has to change – i don’t know how or what or who or when. soon, i suppose. but the question of what, how, and who remains. there’s only so much i can do. i’m waiting.


19 septembrie

September 21, 2016

după restanţă am trecut pe la rectorat şi am încheiat 14 ani. pe urmă m-am dus la colocviul de practică. ca în fiecare an. acum aştept să mă lovească – este încă numai la nivel de suprafaţă.



September 13, 2016