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cliché [e.b.]

April 16, 2013

‘memory is when something happens and does not completely unhappen’.



April 13, 2013

a venit primăvara de câteva zile şi eu nu observasem.


again [j.k.]

April 2, 2013

once, in my [late twenties and] early thirties,
i saw that i was a speck of light in the great
river of light that undulates through time.

i was floating with the whole
human family. we were all colors – those
who are living now, those who have died,
those who are not yet born. for a few

moments i floated, completely calm,
and i no longer hated having to exist.

like a crow who smells hot blood
you came flying to pull me out
of the glowing stream.
“i’ll hold you up. i never let my dear
ones drown!”

after that, i wept [abundantly].