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thanks for asking

April 26, 2008

everything is great. i have all the time in the world and nothing important to do. actually, i don’t have anything to do at all. no pressing work, no papers to write, no articles and books to cover, no research to do, no student essays to grade, no reports to fill in, no journal articles to peer review. my days are just an endless row of fun. i rarely spend a whole half-day at home. i go out to see friends, i go shopping, i go to the movies, i take long walks in the park, i go on trips. i enjoy myself.


my research

April 25, 2008

‘how’s your research going?’


angels in america

April 21, 2008

race, taste, and history finally overcome.


diferente [hhs]

April 7, 2008

‘bietii oameni! cladesc si ei din pamant, daca n-au padure’, spuneau cei de la munte. si: ‘astia isi fac barlog ca ursul din padure’, raspundeau cei de la balta.



April 5, 2008

it’s getting cold on this island.


barba vs. gluga

April 1, 2008

pacat ca nu sunt un ‘domn profesor’ serios, cu barba, prieten cu dl liiceanu si care isi alege studentii in functie de ‘talentul literar’, pentru ca s-a saturat de filosofi care scriu prost. asa, ca o biata studenta, care mai si umbla in hanorac cu gluga si, cu siguranta, ne-prietena cu dl liiceanu, astept de aproape doua luni sa mi se aprobe accesul la 10 dosare din fondul penal. nici macar cel informativ.

– maine este deschisa sala de studiu?
– da, pana la 12. dar mai bine nu veniti.