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cooking [jw]

March 19, 2008

take a dozen plum tomatoes and slice them lengthways as though they were your enemy. fasten them into a lidded pot and heat for ten minutes.

chop an onion without tears.
dice a carrot without regret.
shard a celery stick as though its flutes and grooves were the indentations of your past.
add to the tomatoes and cook unlidded for as long as it takes them to yield.

throw in salt, pepper and a twist of sugar.

pound the lot through a sieve or a mouli or a blender.
remember – they are the vegetables, you are the cook.
return to a soft flame and lubricate with olive oil. add a spoonful at a time, stirring like an old witch, until you achieve the right balance of slippery firmness.

serve on top of spaghetti. cover with rough new parmesan and cut basil. raw emotion can be added now.

serve. eat. reflect.


martie, iulie, decembrie

March 12, 2008

nu-mi mai amintesc.



March 6, 2008

there are mornings when i wake up still full of old dreams. and i go make the coffee.



March 5, 2008

writing is both torment and joy. it has always been so and i know it very well. but every time it feels different – both the torment and the joy. every time i have to relearn the difficult process of conveying thoughts into words, of articulating docile and coherent utterances, of recognizing the phrases on the screen as the odd distorted edge of something that was supposed to be mine, but it doesn’t feel so. i know it changes, i have to let it change. that’s the joy of not recognizing it as belonging to me, but starting to like it. maybe that’s the only way of liking it, when it doesn’t feel like mine anymore. i don’t own my writing.