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going places

September 27, 2013

all god’s children need traveling shoes
drive your problems from here.

all good people read good books.

in the morning when i wipe my brow,
wipe the miles away.

look, my eyes are just holograms.
look, your love has drawn red from my hands.
from my hands you know you’ll never be
more than twist in my sobriety.

different thoughts are good for me.

up in arms and chaste and whole
all god’s children took their toll.

cup of tea take time to think, time to risk a life.

sweet and handsome.

half the people read the papers,
read them good and well.

pretty people, nervous people.


self-portrait [d.d. – cos it’s been too long]

September 19, 2013

and you might say it’s self-indulgent
you might say its self-destructive
but, you see, it’s more productive
than if i were to be healthy
than if i were to be happy

and you might say it’s self-destructive
but, you see, i’d kick the bucket
sixty times before i’d kick the habit
and as the skin rips off
i cherish the revolting thought
that even if i quit
there’s not a chance in hell i’d stop

and you might say its self-inflicted
but you see that’s contradictive
why on earth
would anyone practice self-destruction?

i’ve tried bandages and sinking
i’ve tried gloves and even thinking
i’ve tried vaseline
i’ve tried everything

makes me want to give myself a beating.


vamă de septembrie

September 17, 2013

nisip pe plajă rece în noapte
dans, cântec, bretele negre
vin alb, lacrimi străine, rugăminte
ameninţări, strigăte, tehnici de negociere ratate
friiiiig, banane, biscuiţi, pătură, corectare
primii cozonaci, unicul pandişpan
primul răsărit
fotografii, sprijin-îmbrăţişare
cafea cu lapte, mese si scaune de lemn pline de nisip
muzică franţuzească devreme, în soare fierbinte
bagaje făcute în linişte şi grabă
ultima plimbare pe plajă prin soare cald şi vânt rece
suc de portocale la stuff
altă îmbrăţişare-consolare
acte universitare uitate
noapte, roşu, verde
ne-singurătate, bucurie

nu mie, nu eu, nu acum.



September 10, 2013


mi-am deschis un restaurant la paris.



September 9, 2013



verbs [l.b.-b.]

September 6, 2013

i miss your heart, my heart.


these days

September 4, 2013

when shit happens, then it keeps happening.