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sleeping [s.p.]

January 25, 2013

i can’t see the point of getting up. i have nothing to look forward to.


yearly dinner [e.d.]

January 24, 2013

would you have me for dinner tonight?
since you’re no vegetarian, i guess i could do,
though i’m more like plant than flesh.

pour yourself a glass.
how would my blood taste in your mouth?
sticky? too thick? too hot? intoxicating?

and what about some desert?
chef’s recommendation: whipped creamed heart.
yeah, it might mess with your cholesterol, i know.

then you can go home, watch a game,
and fall asleep, full stomach, on your brand new sofa.
sweet dreams, anthropophaginian.



January 10, 2013

i’ve got some dead friends who live on inside me
i’ve got some living who are dying inside



January 5, 2013

i’m going back, thinking about all the changes
i see the rise and fall of the world i lived in

but i took the fall and on came all the changes
all i had could not be saved – it was far too late.

this time it doesn’t seem real at all.


în gât [h.m.]

January 3, 2013

da, pe cuvânt, m-aş exporta.