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sarsanela [a.b.]

May 30, 2008

eram ţanţoşă ca fata de împărat ce se visa fecioraş.



May 27, 2008

exact doua saptamani. dar azi, pe la jumatatea zilei, a venit ds si mi-a spus ca are o veste proasta pentru mine: maine se fac preluari si nu pot veni. doar maine. sper sa nu insemne altceva.

am citit sute de pagini de procese verbale de interogatoriu, de confruntare, de depozitii ale martorilor, declaratii, ordonante de punere sub invinuire, de retinere, de perchezitie corporala si domiciliara, de sechestru asigurator, mandate de arestare, certificate medicale, dosare de penitenciar. adica vreo trei dosare din zece. sau vreo 10 volume din 300.

i need more time. please.


finally popesti

May 14, 2008

i’ll call my methodology chapter ‘technologies of patience’. this includes months of showing your face just to convince people you really mean to see the files ordered in early march, prickling eyes, itchy face, claritine, white hands, lots of stories.



May 12, 2008


feels like hitting a wall

May 8, 2008

previous reasons involved functional impossibilities: transportation, reorganization of files, special commissions etc. now we are entering another phase: power cuts. you can’t beat this one.



May 6, 2008

i haven’t taken that ride for months. i don’t think there’s such a thing like balance. i could hit my head full speed and i still wouldn’t use the word. cutting edge. cutting fingers. cutting cord. taut. taut. no, it hasn’t been here for a while. buses are here. new blue buses replaced the old boats. music. same blue glasses, i don’t wear the yellow ones anymore. garlic. walking distance. never took that ride either. especially at midnight. big yellow oil pipes. a guy smoking on the balcony across the street. wrinkled hands. the ozone hole. i used the eggplant for cooling purposes. probably a onetime dish. and i actually never believed the knife story. nor the wine one. i did manage to put the broken pieces together. pancakes and canister coffee. shower and laughter. sunday morning radio and online romanian cultural press. puffy eyes. to-and-fros. global threads, local disparities. just another never-ending journey cut short. whose boo-boos? whose stalemates?


womyn before me [a.o.]

May 1, 2008

i take this legacy seriously.