yearly dinner [e.d.]

January 24, 2013

would you have me for dinner tonight?
since you’re no vegetarian, i guess i could do,
though i’m more like plant than flesh.

pour yourself a glass.
how would my blood taste in your mouth?
sticky? too thick? too hot? intoxicating?

and what about some desert?
chef’s recommendation: whipped creamed heart.
yeah, it might mess with your cholesterol, i know.

then you can go home, watch a game,
and fall asleep, full stomach, on your brand new sofa.
sweet dreams, anthropophaginian.



  1. on the other hand, old age makes human [whipped creamed] hearts harder to digest. may this birthday be ridden with stomach pain and general discomfort. cheers!

  2. i’ll just have a glass of home-made wine. no cheers for me, though.

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