truncated [j.w.]

January 1, 2012

i am short, so i like the little guy/ underdog stories, but they are not straightforwardly about one size versus another. think about, say, jack and the beanstalk, which is basically a big ugly stupid giant, and a smart little jack who is fast on his feet. ok, but the unstable element is the beanstalk, which starts as a bean and grows into a huge tree-like thing that jack climbs to reach the castle. this bridge between two worlds is unpredictable and very surprising. and later, when the giant tries to climb after jack, the beanstalk has to be chopped down pronto. this suggests to me that the pursuit of happiness, which we may as well call life, is full of surprising elements – we get somewhere we couldn’t go otherwise and we profit from the trip, but we can’t stay there, it isn’t our world, and we shouldn’t let that world come crashing down into the one we can inhabit. the beanstalk has to be chopped down.


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