September 6, 2008

news from the archives – jokingly but deadly serious:

– even half an hour after i wake up, it’s still pitch dark.
– gina is no longer guarding me.
– these past days i read slower and i write less.
– the request for photocopies submitted in early june is still pending.
– on thursday i got struguri, prune si covrigi.
– my feet freeze in the morning.
– there were brown thick stains on the lower right corner of one of the letters i read today.
– truth is in all i read: nowhere.
– americans, not soviets, imposed communism in romania: romanians.
– i wanna have a drivers’ license by spring next year.
– soon it will be a quarter.
– plete in vant come with the convertible (music too).
– maybe the only way i’ll be able to write this is in the form of explanatory contradictions: technologies of patience, understanding, nowhereness, radicalism, resistance (to one story).
– i guess i won’t be able to push myself out of my writing – even if this might mean i will never write or i will never be able to write or i will never be able to speak it.
– i want to stay on my couch and read.
– stories is all i can see now: entangled, conflicting, neverbeginning and neverending (the only ones possible).
– un popa was seated at ‘my’ desk on wednesday morning.
– you might have triggered one string of these stories: the extreme ones (seasonal).
– there is danger next week (cataloguing).
– yeah, you have the paradigms, but you don’t have the syntagms: the rules are missing (meta).


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