finally popesti

May 14, 2008

i’ll call my methodology chapter ‘technologies of patience’. this includes months of showing your face just to convince people you really mean to see the files ordered in early march, prickling eyes, itchy face, claritine, white hands, lots of stories.



  1. and making fiends :D

  2. oh, but i do that all the time. the only problem i have is that sometimes they seem to confuse the target :)

  3. you need to make more efficient fiends. eviiiil fiends. fiends that eat people!

  4. i’m trying. but i don’t know why i always end up with people eating my fiends…

  5. something must be wrong with your fiends, perhaps you’re not building them evil enough. have you been reading the “MEAN” magazine? :)

  6. zici de numarul de pe dulapul din bucatarie? ca astept de cateva luni sa termine de citit vendetta… :)

  7. nuuuu, alege orice alt numar si de acolo retete pentru fiends :)

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