May 6, 2008

i haven’t taken that ride for months. i don’t think there’s such a thing like balance. i could hit my head full speed and i still wouldn’t use the word. cutting edge. cutting fingers. cutting cord. taut. taut. no, it hasn’t been here for a while. buses are here. new blue buses replaced the old boats. music. same blue glasses, i don’t wear the yellow ones anymore. garlic. walking distance. never took that ride either. especially at midnight. big yellow oil pipes. a guy smoking on the balcony across the street. wrinkled hands. the ozone hole. i used the eggplant for cooling purposes. probably a onetime dish. and i actually never believed the knife story. nor the wine one. i did manage to put the broken pieces together. pancakes and canister coffee. shower and laughter. sunday morning radio and online romanian cultural press. puffy eyes. to-and-fros. global threads, local disparities. just another never-ending journey cut short. whose boo-boos? whose stalemates?